Anyone who has ever had to deal with a residential claim on their own knows all too well what a complex and frustrating process it can be.  Homeowner's polices are teeming with fine print intended to protect the carrier, and submitting a properly-adjusted claim takes the experience and expertise of a professional who knows precisely what to look for.  Overlooking even the most seemingly mundane detail can manifest itself as thousands of dollars in uncompensated reimbursement.

At Empire Claims Adjustment in Rochester NY, we're fully aware of how the system and process works, respectively, and impart years of experience that you're not taken advantage of on account of something as simple as a fine-print oversight.


In addition to keeping an honest and open line of communication with our client, we also stay in constant communication with insurance companies and major carrier to ensure that nothing is lost to red tape, stall tactics or overly complex legalities.

Detailed Evaluation

Some adjusters look for only specific areas of loss, however we understand that the little losses add up… and moreover, replacing them is important to you.  With this in mind we conduct detailed, thoroughly documented inventories of all property and potential losses.


When filing a claim, everything needs to be meticulously documented.  Our team understands the importance of taking time to prepare forms and paperwork in a manner that will help you get the best final adjustment for your loss.

Need Help with a New or Existing Property Loss Claim in Rochester?

Whether you've just suffered a loss or are dealing with adjusters who perpetually drag their feet, we understand how immensely frustrating it can be.  Call Empire Claims Adjustment today at 585-667-2951 to learn how we can help expedite the process and give you the service you genuinely deserve.

Our team brings decades of collective expertise and experience to every claim we process, and over the years this has helped us in becoming known as the claims adjustment company Rochester trusts when details matter most. To speak with one of our staff or schedule a time to meet, write to us through our contact page. All communications are held in the highest confidence and we look forward to helping you however we can.

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