When home damage strikes, the impact it has in our day to day lives can be devastating to say the least.  It's understandable that, on many levels, we all feel emotional attachments to our homes and personal property, and this can interfere with our ability to think clearly and remain truly objective after a loss.  At Empire Claims Adjustment in Rochester, our goal is to ensure that your property and belongings are protected from any future damage, while expediting the process of filing a claim and ensuring that you're fully compensated.

We accomplish this by facilitating the essentials after experiencing damage, including the arrangement of salvage and recovery, securing your property, preventing mold and moisture damage, proper winterizing, securing cash for expenses and more.

Fast, Detailed Claims Processing

Filing and resolving a claim after experiencing structural or property damage requires a keen eye for detail, and moreover an extensive understanding of how each step works during the claim's various processing phases.  And just as no two people are alike, nor are the steps needed to facilitate the most fair and beneficial settlement.  Each claim is uniquely structured around those we serve, based on their immediate and long term needs.  We work with you and keep you informed each step of the way to lessen any stress or confusion you may be experiencing.

Since the insurance companies leave it up to you to prove the validity and extent of your loss, we impart decades of expertise in doing precisely that.

  • Detailed professional photography with electronic copies provided for your records
  • Making swift, accommodating housing arrangements for your family's peace of mind
  • Professionally securing your property and any needed board-ups to reduce theft
  • Making immediate cash-advance arrangements to help with bills and necessities
  • Providing 24/7 access to our adjusters for unseen requests and claims status update
  • Providing you with trusted resources needed for the repair or rebuild or your home

Our driving motivation is to reduce the amount of time you need to expend on your claim's paperwork, documentation and required actions, giving you the freedom to begin the process of getting life back as you once knew it.  And regardless of the severity or specific nature of your loss, our team is committed to treating every claim with the utmost professionalism, detail and compassion.  This includes everything from document preparation, insurance company communications, inventory of loss and many other crucial elements.

Our team brings decades of collective expertise and experience to every claim we process, and over the years this has helped us in becoming known as the claims adjustment company Rochester trusts when details matter most. To speak with one of our staff or schedule a time to meet, write to us through our contact page. All communications are held in the highest confidence and we look forward to helping you however we can.

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